Super Mario Chronicles (スーパーマリオクロニクル, Sūpāmariokuronikuru, Super Mario: Worlds Collide) is an Upcoming comic crossover between The main franchises of Super Mario, Super Baxter and The Desi Franchise. Also there will be other characters being in the comic franchise as well as Similar Enemies. It's unknown when it'll be scheduled at.


  • On June 22nd 2015, An artwork of Mario, Luigi, "S." Baxter, and Baxter Ewers were shown to encounter Bowser in his Giga Form. Meaning that Bowser is confirmed as a major antagonist. The image is shown on deviantART right here [1]
  • On June 30th 2015, Another Teaser shown The 4 heroes again this time with the word "Soon" in it.
  • On June 31st 2015, Another Teaser was shown now featuring what it could be like Robot Masters of Mario, Luigi, "S." Baxter and Baxter Ewers. They were given names of Mario Man, Luigi Man, Baxter Man and Ewers Man.
  • On July 3rd 2015, Another Teaser shown the reveal of Mega Man joining as one of the heroes in the storyline. Meaning the Mega Man Franchise will appear in the comic.
  • On July 12th 2015, Another Teaser was shown to be a Dark Robot, brighting it up the pic is a Robot that resembles Mario.

Confirmed FranchisesEdit

  • Super Mario Chronicles X Super Mario
  • Super Mario Chronicles X Super Baxter
  • Super Mario Chronicles X Desi and Baxter awesomess rp
  • Super Mario Chronicles X Mega Man

Confirmed CharactersEdit


Mario Luigi S. Baxter Baxter Ewers Mega Man
Mario (MC)

Luigi (MC)

Baxter (MC)

Baxter Ewers (MC)

Mega Man (WC)


Bowser Mario Man Luigi Man Baxter Man Ewers Man Mecha Mario
Mecha Mario (MC)



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