The PokémonEdit

Character Name Species Height Weight Description Trainer Owned by
MustDelphox"4'11"86.0 lbs.Must is a Female Delphox who was traded from another Female Trainer to Desi himself, She first appeared when Baxter was with Batista himself, She is in love with Batista, however now She can Shrink down her prey and Toys him (Baxter Ewers), She is a Delphox who is crazy enough to Toy Baxter all the time in her life, She has aten him, Sat on him, Shrunk him, She even puts him in Unnecessary parts such as Putting him inside her Bra making him confronted by her Pink Spot.Desi De La O
King Ninja
King NinjaShiny Greninja"4'11"88.2 lbs.King Ninja is a Shiny Greninja at Level 100, He is often to be a Greninja that loves to sneak around mostly, He mostly hangs around with Queen Herself since they are Husband and Wife, King Ninja is also a Fighter, He often fights but he can kick way so much hard than anyone else can, He alongside Baxter Ewers, MewFour, Queen Ninja and Charizard are the Only ones to join Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii UDesi De La O
Queen Ninja
Queen NinjaPink Greninja"4'11"88.1 lbs.Queen Ninja is a Pink Greninja at Level 100, She is a Greninja that can kick and fight very fast, She one time didn't let Baxter back in the house, whenever he tried to go back in, She would block or kick him out it was the only one day!, Ofcourse she is sweet but she can get very Aggressive, like one time Baxter accidently made her spilt her drink and kicked him out of a window. She alongside her husband King, Baxter Ewers, MewFour and Charizard are to join Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii UDesi De La O
LugiatwoYveltal"19'00"33.91 lbs.Lugiatwo is a Female Yveltal who is almost a Pink one but instead mixed of Pink and Red, she does have a flower on the left side of her face. Lugiatwo is a sweet destruction bird who is engaged to Apollo himself, She has every move of a Normal Yveltal would have, Infact she also loves to dress people up, it's a skill she has on her own which she is very creative with!Desi De La O
DialgaDialga"17'09"1505.8 lbs.The Time Pokémon himself, Dialga is the 2nd Craziest pokemon of Desi's Pokémon Team, He just loves to play to Baxter Ewers himself, Recently he got forced to be babysitted by Baxter, who got forced to play Dog until Palkia would return, But he also eats him too like some other pokemon other than Must herselfDesi De La O
PalkiaPalkia"13'09"740.8 lbs.Palkia is the Space Pokémon who watches over Space, She is the Sister of Dialga, an older sister to watch for him at all times, She appears often but not so much, recently she was out to go somewhere, but then when he returned she finded out Dialga had aten baxter again, then would fight Dialga for Punishment, Oh and never eat her Cookies! She will find you and kill you if you did eat her Cookies. She also stared in "Arceus is bored and hungry" She's been recently messing with baxter as well.Desi De La O
TinaMawhile"2'00"25.4 lbs.Tina is a Pokémon in the RP, she has a second head as well, if you count the plant thing on the back of her head, She first appeared after when Baxter was messing with the Pokémon Females when he was trying to sleep while they slept, Tina saw him & glomped on him, she actually took him to her cave after that Desi from out of nowhere caught her with a Pokeball. She was later named Tina in the July 19th 2015 rp.Desi De La O
GreninjaGreninja"4'11"88.2 lbsDesc. Coming SoonWhite
GarchompGarchomp"6'3"209.4 lbsDesc. Coming SoonWhite
MoltressMoltress"60'7"132.3 lbsDesc. Coming SoonWhite
MewtwoMewtwo"6'7"269.0 lbsDesc. Coming SoonWhite
ZygardeZygarde"16'50"672.4 lbsDesc. Coming SoonWhite
BatistaDelphox"6'4"291.0 lbs.Batista is a Delphox who is a taller male than anyother Delphox, he was born with a Steroid Syndrom where he kept getting Muscular everyday, he has successful Recovery from it when he was a Fennekin, He mostly everyday worksout at Poke Gym, A place where Pokémon can gain Muscles from so they don't take steroids, He is in love to Must and is the Main Leader of Baxter's TeamBaxter Ewers
BlitzmusRaichu"2'07" 66.1 lbs.The Cutie of Baxter's Team, She is often to be very VERY Cute with her eyes, but don't let her fool you, She can use Electro Ball, Strength, Thunder Wave and Thunder Shock, She is very sweet and fun to be with but when trouble comes, She seriously needs to be thereBaxter Ewers
CartmanLucario"3'11"119.0 lbs.Cartman is a Lucario who, is ALWAYS Angry, He never smiles and yet is a very violent Lucario when touched, Cartman was given that name after South Park's Eric "Cartman" because Cartman deserves Authority and Respect in order for him to smile for his Teammates, but disrespect comes, You are in for a Surprise for this Lucario to Mega Evolve!Baxter Ewers
KaneCharizard"7'0"325.0 lbs.The 2nd Powerhouse of the Team (The first one is Batista himself) and Nicknamed The "Trainer's favorite Dragon" (not really but 2nd favorite), Kane is a Charizard that really wrestles a lot to his Opponents, He is named after the WWE Superstar Kane himself, he made his first appearance when Baxter went to the Kalos region to get another Starter whom he picked Kane himself. Oh and funny thing, he's also nicknamed "Flogin Bird"Baxter Ewers
DanulLapras"8'02"485.0 lbs.Danul is the Aqua of Team Baxter, She is a Lapras who protects to make sure everything is at Piece, She often gives rides to Baxter through the Water so he can get to other places where he needs to be at, She also Grinned at a Mewtwo via Memory GirlBaxter Ewers
ApolloYveltal"19'00"33.91 lbs.Apollo is the High Flyer and Last member of Team Baxter, Supposinly he is Dialga's Best Friend who does what Dialga does to Baxter, Toys him sometimes, He is Engaged to Lugiatwo herself and he is also a Yveltal that can do Oblivion Wing by Stoning People!, like he did in the Movie alongside HermesBaxter Ewers
CharlockGroudon"11'06"2,094.4 lbs. Charlock is a Groudon and a remaining member in Omega Ruby of Team Baxter (which are Baxter (named after himself, Combusken), Rigby (Linoon), Grim (Nuzleaf) and YellowGal (Pikachu with style), he was first seen when Baxter was forced with Lugiatwo to go get him. which he successfully didBaxter Ewers
LopunnyLopunny3'11"73.4 lbs.Lopunny is a Sexy Rabbit Girl who is a Cheerleader of Team Baxstar, She often appears rarely, but hasn't been seen sinceBaxstar
MewFourFemale Mewtwo"6'07"269.0 lbs.MewFour is a Female Pinkish White Mewtwo who is a lot engaged to a lot of Activity, She is also one of the Pokémon to mess with Baxter himself, She has a best friend named Zoroark who she hangs out more than anyone else does, She's also famous in MMA and Wrestling as well as being famous for her signature move called the "Leg Lock", She can keep the Submission in tight so it's hard to get out of, the only way to get out of it is if you Tap out to her, She alongside King Ninja, Queen Ninja, Baxter Ewers and Charizard are to join Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, However Mewfour is planned DLC for Free if players own both copies of the game, unless she is paid seperatleyBaxstar
ZoroarkZoroark"5'9"178.8 lbs.Zoroark, a 5'9 taller creature than any other Zoroarks is a Prankster, a mother to her son Zoura and a Pokémon to transform into stuff, She's famous of transforming into a Giratina and ofcourse Bonnie the Bunny himself, She loves to trick her prey (Baxter Ewers) more than anyone else can, though Considered to be a pretty werewolf prankster Gal Pokémon, Her only weakness is if you pet the back of her ear to put her asleep. Plus she has a powerful smell of scent to her preys, and she can track them down easily.Baxstar
ZoruaZorua"2'04"27.6 lbs.Zorua is the Son of Zoroark and a kid who is the same age to Desi (in Riolu Form), He often plays but is layed back and watched to be cared from Zoroark herself, He can be abit crazy sometimes, but he's smart at what he's doing so he may be the Top DOG!Baxstar
KawaiiPink Lucario"3'11"119.0 lbs.The Mother of all characters and pokemon in the series, Kawaii is a Pink Lucario who is a mother to everyone, she mostly takes care of Desi gently with her, Yet she has been abit like some of the Pokémon to toy Baxter, well sometimes but she's very busy at everything she needs to stay clear, She can fight as well, she can go crazy sometimes but whatever Baxstar had, must have passed it on to Kawaii too.Baxstar
BlazikenBlaziken"6'03"114.6 lbs.Blaziken is a bipedal, chicken-like Pokémon. He is said to be a really good fighter at MMA and Karate, he's halfy good in Wrestling but he's more into MMA, Blaziken first appeared when Baxstar showed it to Baxter and Desi, He showed some quite moves, and now since his debut in a game, He is going to be apart of the upcoming game Pokken alongside Lucario and MachampBaxstar
HermesXerneas"9'10"474.0 lbs.Hermes is a Xerneas who is nicknamed the "Life Pokémon". He first appeared after Baxstar had encountered it and needed help to capture it, It was successful after Baxstar trapped it with a Big Net and captured him, and he was named Hermes, it's also said that when he sleeps his mouth will always stay open for fresh air to come in, Hey one time Baxter shrunk & hided from Lugiatwo and Mewfour, and Lugiatwo came up to Hermes and closed his mouth, thus trapping him inside of Hermes' Mouth. but he does actually have a fear to Five Nights at Freddys, also last thing, He is Fast!Baxstar
RougeNoivern"4'11"187.4 lbs.Rouge is a Noivern who hasn't been revealved just yet. She is said to bite peoples heads whenever no one tries to feed her food. Similar to the Noivern that appeared in Black & White.Baxstar
ZZygarde"16'05"672.4 lbs.Z is a female Zygarde, She is a pokemon that protects her friends from harm, though she often messes around but she makes sure everything is alright, Z is also a Zygarde that can use or pick up stuff by the Tail, that's a trick by the way. Also she is very nice so she doesn't mind if you hang out, but here's a thing, If she is saved by someone, she will likely follow them around & hang out with themSnowy
CharizardFemale Charizard"5'07"199.5 lbs.Charizard is a Female Dragon who is a lot like Z but not with the tail trick, She is a protector and a High Flyer of Team Snowy, she does have a crush on Kane himself, now they do date but not often, She is layed back and yet a pokemon to save her friends from harm, She loves it when someone rides on her back for a flight.Snowy
EspeonEspeon"2'11"Espeon is the 3rd Pokémon of Snowy's team, She is a kind and sweet pokemon who loves baxter in the seriesSnowy
KyuremKyurem"9'10"716.5 lbs.Despite his One night appearance, Kyurem is a Actor Legendary Pokémon who bonds with Reshiram and Zekrom to transform into the 2 forms itself (White and Black Kyurem), He's often spawned if you say his name, Z is the only one who can do that since she had called him over to actually Prank Lugiatwo and her friends, it failed after when Z revived it was just an Act after Baxter had SCREWED UP!, Kyurem after that had gotten mad that he will get his payback some day on him, Also he does have Anger Issues so don't get him angry or you die!None
ReshiramReshiram10'6"727.5 lbs.Reshiram is the friend to Zekrom and a Legendary Pokemon of beauty, he makes acouple of apperances along with Zekrom rarely, but he will most often appear, he is also friends with Desi. also he can be alittle bit crazy sometimes but he's mostly calm and sweet to his friends. he is the opposite of Zekrom with FireNone
ZekromZekrom"9'06"760.6 lbs.Zekrom is the friend of Reshiram and a Legendary Pokemon of lightning, He's a bit aggressive but he is nice with friends, although unlike Kyurem, he has abit of Anger Issues sometimes, just dont make him mad too much, if he is mad alot then Reshiram will calm him down alot, yet he is the opposite of Reshiram with ElectricNone
RayquazaRayquaza"23'00"455.2 lbs.Despite his only one night apperance, Rayquaza appeared after he raged on a Computer, Baxter convinced Rayquaza to calm down, however it broke down to him chasing baxter down, he ate Desi first before he could eat baxter, after the chase he did eat baxter when he got cornered, he spitted both guys out after Baxter used Batista to use Mystical Fire in his Belly, thus injuring himNone
GastlyGastly"4'03"0.2 lbsGastly is one of the Dark Pokemon in the RP Series that made a one night apperance alongside Umbreon in a Haunted House when Baxter went to and hided there from Must, Zoroark, MewFour, Mawhile, Zorua and Charizard (now a ally to baxter). He appeared to scare baxter after baxter tries to punch him but he couldn't be hit as baxter ran to hide They also tried to kick him out so he could loseNone
UmbreonUmbreon"3'03"59.5 lbsUmbreon alongside Gastly made one night apperances when Baxter was hiding at from the others so he couldn't be eaten. He encountered a Umbreon in the living room, it talked when it ate a berry to speak.None
Ho-OhHo-Oh"12'06"438.7 lbsHo-Oh alongside Lugia made one apperances when Baxter and the others were in a cave to rest, they are King Ninja's friends that play Poker, which King always wins at, Ho-Oh has to be the only one that never was runner up than his friend LugiaNone
LugiaLugia"17'01"476.2 lbs.Lugia alongside Ho-Oh made one apperances when Desi and the others were in a cave to rest, He and Ho-Oh are King Ninja's friends that play Poker, Lugia almost wins however he still loses to King Ninja. He also can transform into his ultimate form, Shadow LugiaNone
LuxrayLuxuray"4'07"92.6 lbs.Luxray is the Brother to Pyroar in the RP Series, He alongside Pyroaro only made a One Night Apperance where he made Pyroar fall from the edge of a rock, then took his Focus on Baxter to eat him, however he was K.O.'d by Must after atempting to eat Baxter.None
PyroarPyroar"4'11"179.7 lbs.Pyroar is the Brother of Luxray in the RP series, he alongside Luxray only made a One Night apperance where he accidently fell from a Rock, Similar to that one Scene in Lion King.None
JawDelphox"9'0"180.0 lbs.Jaw is a 9 foot tall Delphox that was founded when Baxter and Desi returned Fennekin which it later evolved into a Braixen. He is married to Dd and has a daughter which it was formally a Fennekin, Now a Braixen. Jaw is also smart when he is attacked so he fights pretty well and also had teached Baxter how to actually stop Zoroark by petting the back of her ear knocking her out.None.
DdDelphox"7'1"144.6 lbs.Dd is a 7 foot tall Delphox that was founded when Baxter and Desi returned Fennekin which it later evolved into a Braixen. She is married to Jaw and has a daughter which it was formally a Fennekin, Now a Braixen.None.
BraixenBraixen"5'10"32.0 lbsBraixen is the daughter of both male and female delphoxes and is one of Baxter's friends. She is the same height as him and knows how to shrink people. She was rescued by Desi and Baxter both together with acouple of other friends as a Fennekin, then would later evolve into Braixen in "Land of the Delphoxes".None.
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