Mega Man
Desi TR Mega Man
Real Name Mega Man
Gender Male
Height "4'4"
Age 27
Availability Starter
Element Type Steel Type
Super Move Mega Legends

Mega Man is the 2nd guest character to not be DLC, also an Gadget user and a playable character in Desi: Tournament Rumble.



Command Example
A Mega Buster Mega Man fires up to three shots from his arm cannon, which have limited range and do less knockback at longer range
A+A Mega Buster Mega Man fires up to three shots from his arm cannon, which have limited range and do less knockback at longer range
A+A+A Mega Buster Mega Man fires up to three shots from his arm cannon, which have limited range and do less knockback at longer range
A ↑ Mega Upper Mega Man does a Powerful uppercut.
A ←→ Ice Slasher Mega Man shoots an ice projectile. If it hits the opponent, he or she will be frozen. This was obtained by Ice Man
A ↓ Slide Mega Man slides forward fast at the Opponent.
X Charge Shot Mega Man unleashes a more powerful energy blast from the Mega Buster.
X (Holding Down) Hard Knuckle / Mega Arm Mega Man shoots out his fist from his arm forward at the opponent. This was obtained by Hard Man.
Y,A Top Spin Mega Man spins in a rapid rotation attack. This was Obtained by Top Man
Y,A,↑ Air Shooter Mega Man shoots a small tornado is shot above him and rises upwards. If it catches an opponent, it'll hit multiple times. This was obtained by Air Man.
Y,A,→ Quick Boomerang Mega Man shoots out the Quick Boomerang in the air. This was obtained by Quick Man
Y,A,↓ Noise Crush Mega Man fires a sound wave straight downwards and boosts himself slightly upwards. This was obtained by Shade Man.
Y,A,← Rolling Cutter Mega Man throws a large pair of extremely sharp scissor blades that are thrown like boomerangs backwards of him. This is obtained by Cut Man.
Y,X Drill Bomb Mega Man uses a drill over his hand to attack the opponent downwards. This is obtained by Drill Man
ZR Grabbing Mega Man reaches out to grab with his hand
ZR, A Spark Shock Mega Man's hands turn into electrodes and jabs it on the opponents electrocuting them. This was obtained by Spark Man
ZR, X Bubble Lead Mega Man throws his opponent forwards and shoots out Bubble Lead trapping them in, Mega Man can also free attack his opponents at this state. This was obtained by Bubble Man.
ZR, Y Atomic Fire Mega Man throws the Opponent upwards and shoots 3 powerful fireballs from his arm cannon. This was obtained by Heat Man.
ZR, B Thunder Bolt Mega Man kicks them forward and shoots out 3 lighting bolt projectiles to electrocute them. This was obtained by Cloud Man.
ZL Rush Adapter Mega Man combines with Rush to become the Rush Adapter.
L Shielding Mega Man uses the Skull Barrier to protect himself for a minium of time. This was obtained by Skull Man
B Metal Blade Mega Man throws a devastating razor-edged circular saw blade made of Ceratanium that can go through the opponent and can be rapidly thrown in eight directions. This was obtained by Metal Man.
B ←→ Hyper Bomb Mega Man throws bombs in a small arc with a powerful explosion.
B ↑ Tornado Hold Mega Man drops a fan on the ground that creates a tornado that can trap and damage opponents. It can also pick him up into the air
B ↓ Leaf Shield Mega Man makes four leaf-shaped units with a special coating circle around the user as a shield. It can also be thrown to damage opponents. This was obtained by Leaf Man.
B Mega Legends Mega Man uses the Black Hole Bomb to catch the opponents, and then Mega Man X (Mega Man X), Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis (Mega Man Star Force), Mega Man Volnutt (Mega Man Legends), and MegaMan.EXE (Mega Man Battle Network) all appear alongside Mega Man. All of them then use their Mega Busters against the trapped opponents. The screen will focus for a split second on the character being hit, and then the cutscene will end as the character is blasted away.


  • Win Pose:
  • Entrances:
  • Taunt

Alternate CostumesEdit


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