Desi Fighting
Genre(s) Fighting Game
Mode(s) Single-Player, Multi-Player, Online
Platform(s) Wii U
System requirements Wii Remothe, Wii U Tablet, Gamecube Controller, 3DS

Desi Fighting (デジファイティング, Dejifaitingu) is a Fighting Game that will be the first installment from Desi and Baxter's RP Adventures. This game is familiar to Sonic Battle, however it's in 3D and you can run around the place fighting until the last man/woman wins. This Game will be released on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U Consoles.


Desi Fighting is very similar to Sonic Battle however, it is 3D instead. Also it has a level bar on the bottom of the character's potention to tell what level it is on, the Final Level is there ultimate attack. Also they have a Life Bar, when it goes down, that character is KO'd until the match is done for. There is a Ring Stage for Characters as well. Those who are Cruiserweights like Desi De La O can climb the top rope to the turnbuckle while the Superheavyweights like Acus cannot but instead go to the second rope of the corner.

Match TypesEdit

There will be a Singles Match, No DQ, Survival Match, Stock Match, 3 Shrunken vs. 1 Giant match and Three Stages of Hell Match.

Playable CharactersEdit

Desi Fighting Starter Roster

Desi Fighting Starters

Starter CharactersEdit

Desi De La O (Desi Fighting) Baxter Ewers (Desi Fighting) Baxstar (Desi Fighting) Snowy (Desi Fighting)
DesiDeLaOFighting BaxterEwersFighting BaxstarFighting SnowyFighting
Speed 95/100 Speed 80/100 Speed 75/100 Speed 85/100
Power 70/100 Power 85/100 Power 65/100 Power 65/100
Type Ice Type Normal Type Fire/Grass Type Fighting
Special Ability Ice Powers Special Ability Can Shrink Down to Size Special Ability Can Grow Giant Special Ability Special Ninja Skills
Height 3'11 Height 5'9 Height 3'7 Height 3'7
Weight Class Cruiserweight Weight Class Light Heavyweight Weight Class Cruiserweight Weight Class Cruiserweight
Level 3 Smash Metal Desi Level 3 Smash Baxter Finale Level 3 Smash Magma Storm Level 3 Smash Shadow Ghost
Batista (Desi Fighting) Apollo (Desi Fighting) Blaziken (Desi Fighting) Charizard (Desi Fighting)
BatistaFighting ApolloFighting BlazikenFighting CharizardFighting
Speed 75/100 Speed 70/100 Speed 95/100 Speed 80/100
Power 95/100 Power 100/100 Power 90/100 Power 100/100
Type Fire/Psychic Type Dark/Flying Type Fire/Fighting Type Fire/Flying
Special Ability Foresight Special Ability Dark Aura Special Ability Fire Energy Special Ability Fire Energy
Height 6'4 Height 19'00 Height 6'3 Height 5'7
Weight Class Heavyweight Weight Class Super Heavyweight Weight Class Light Heavyweight Weight Class Heavyweight
Level 3 Smash Blast Burn Batista Bomb Level 3 Smash Oblivion Wing Level 3 Smash Blaze Kick Level 3 Smash Mega Charizard X
Hermes (Desi Fighting) Kane (Desi Fighting) Lopunny (Desi Fighting) Lugiatwo (Desi Fighting)
HermesFighting KaneFighting LopunnyFighting LugiatwoFighting
Speed 100/100 Speed 80/100 Speed 75/100 Speed 80/100
Power 85/100 Power 95/100 Power 75/100 Power 95/100
TypeFairy TypeFire/Flying TypeNormal TypeDark/Flying
Special AbilityFairy Aura/Geomancy Special AbilityFire Energy Special AbilityCute Charm Special AbilityDark Aura
Height9'11 Height7'0 Height3'11 Height19'00
Weight ClassHeavyweight Weight ClassHeavyweight Weight ClassFeatherweight Weight ClassSuper Heavyweight
Level 3 SmashMoon Blast Level 3 SmashMega Charizard Y Level 3 SmashHyper Beam Level 3 SmashOblivion Wing
Palkia (Desi Fighting) Z (Desi Fighting)
PalkiaFighting ZFighting
Speed 90/100 Speed 70/100
Power 100/100 Power 100/100
TypeDragon/Water Type TypeDragon/Ground Type
Special AbilityPressure Special AbilityAura Break
Height13'9 Height16'5
Weight ClassSuper Heavyweight Weight ClassHeavyweight
Level 3 SmashSpacial Rend Level 3 SmashLand's Wrath
Desi Fighting Roster

Full Roster with all Unlocked Characters

Unlockable CharactersEdit

Acus (Desi Fighting) Cartman (Desi Fighting) Dialga (Desi Fighting) Kawaii (Desi Fighting)
AcusFighting CartmanFighting DialgaFighting KawaiiFighting
Speed 95/100 Speed 95/100 Speed 95/100 Speed 95/100
Power 95/100 Power 90/100 Power 100/100 Power 85/100
Type Dark/Fighting Type Fighting TypeDragon/Steel TypeFighting
Special Ability Party Rock Special Ability Bone Training Special AbilityPressure Special AbilityCombat Fisting
Height 8'4 Height 3'11 Height17'9 Height3'11
Weight Class Super Heavyweight Weight Class Light Heavyweight Weight ClassSuper Heavyweight Weight ClassLight Heavyweight
Level 3 Smash Giant Acus Level 3 Smash Close Combat Level 3 SmashRoar of Time Level 3 SmashMega Kawaii
King Ninja (Desi Fighting) Mawhile (Desi Fighting) MewFour (Desi Fighting) Must (Desi Fighting)
KingNinjaFighting MawhileFighting MewFourFighting MustFighting
Speed 100/100 Speed 70/100 Speed 80/100 Speed /100
Power 100/100 Power 80/100 Power 100/100 Power /100
TypeWater/Dark TypeSteel/Fairy TypePsychic TypeFire/Pyschic
Special AbilityTorrent Special AbilityIntimidate Special AbilityPressure Special AbilityForesight
Height4'11 Height2'0 Height6'7 Height4'11
Weight ClassCruiserweight Weight ClassCruiserweight Weight ClassHeavyweight Weight ClassLight Heavyweight
Level 3 SmashSecret Ninja Attack Level 3 SmashMega Mawhile Level 3 SmashMega MewFour Y Level 3 SmashMystical Fire
Queen Ninja (Desi Fighting) Zoroark (Desi Fighting) Zorua (Desi Fighting)
QueenNinjaFighting ZoroarkFighting ZoruaFighting
Speed 100/100 Speed 95/100 Speed 70/100
Power 100/100 Power 80/100 Power 70/100
TypeWater/Dark TypeDark TypeDark
Special AbilityTorrent Special AbilityIllusion Special AbilityIllusion
Height4'11 Height5'9 Height2'4
Weight ClassCruiserweight Weight ClassFeatherweight Weight ClassCrusierweight
Level 3 SmashSecret Ninja Attack Level 3 SmashNight Daze Level 3 SmashNight Daze

Creation SuiteEdit

You can Create your own battlefield, Character, Moves, and Ofcourse Download your MP3 Soundtracks for your Official Theme.

Story ModesEdit

There are 6 Modes from each Chapter of a Storyline

Make things easier?Edit

Alternate CostumesEdit

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