Crossover RP (クロスオーバーRP, Kurosuōbā RP) is a Crossover of White and Desi the snow cat gamer artist, Desi and Baxter Awesomeness RP, Artix and Christian 2012, Super Baxter, Five Nights at Freddys and Super Nicolas Anime.

Current MembersEdit

Name Tenure Characters RP'd
Desi DelaoJuly 5th 2015 - Present
Marionette LepuppetJuly 5th 2015 - July 6th 2015, July 6th 2015 - Present
Robert MarettJuly 7th 2015 - Present
  • Antimatter

Former MembersEdit

Name Tenure Characters RP'd Notes
Baxter EwersJuly 5th 2015 - July 7th 2015, July 7th 2015- July 10th 2015 Was lefted out for a long time and abused by rape, and lefted for the second time.
Christian RiceJuly 5th 2015 - July 7th 2015 Removed by Baxter Ewers
Nicolas MejiaJuly 6th 2015 - July 7th 2015
  • "Super" Nicolas
Removed by Baxter Ewers
Sadie CorinneJuly 6th 2015 - July 7th 2015 Removed by Baxter Ewers

Current CharactersEdit

White and Desi the snow cat gamer artistEdit

Desi and Baxter Awesomeness RPEdit

The Marionette Lepuppet seriesEdit

Robert Marett seriesEdit

  • Antimatter

Artix and Christian 2012Edit

Super BaxterEdit

Five Nights at FreddysEdit

Super Nicolas AnimeEdit

  • "Super" Nicolas


  • Baxstar and Kawaii were intended to appear, but they were de-confirmed and Baxter Ewers will be the only one in the series
    • Also he's crossovered in another main series with Christian Rice in Christian 2012
  • The Reason why Baxter Ewers lefted and removed his personal friends from the group was because of the fact Desi has more fun with Marionette and they're buddies more than Baxter thus leaving him out and actually leaving the group.
    • He also stated that Desi is not his #1 Best friend, he said that Christian Rice or Nicknamed "CD Rice" is his true best friend.

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