Baxter vs. Mewfour is a 2015 American fighting film directed by The Announcer from Smash 4. The Film is a battle between Baxter Ewers and Mewfour in Super Smash Bros. on Wii U.

In the Film, Mewfour kept on giving challenging smash matches on Baxter, Mewfour also keeps on sending message videos about her debut in smash, in a trailer of her, She had shown her moves off and vows to take him out, On the RP of April 14th 2015, She sent a message to him by actually headlocking a passed out Mario who throws him away and now wants to hurt baxter. On April 15th, 2 matches were held 10 stocks however, the matches had poor wifi, So for now on it's 3 stock match at Final Destination.


The Match videos are gonna take place sometime this week.



The Production started to happen after Mewfour's Official Smash Debut on April 15th, She lost twice against her opponents so far because she claimed "It was just a warm-up" who now targets baxter in smash forever.

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