Baxter X
Desi TR Baxter X
Real Name Baxter "X" Maverick Ewers
Gender Male
Height "6'1"
Age Unknown (possibly same age with Baxter)
Availability Starter
Element Type Fire/Steel Type
Super Move Hyper X

Baxter X is a Gadget user and a playable character in Desi: Tournament Rumble. He fights with most of the Robot Masters weapons from each Mega Man X game, He also has some of his own moves that Baxter Ewers designed to have him with.



Command Example
A X Jab Baxter X jabs forward
A+A X Double Baxter X jabs forward then kicks.
A+A+A Slash Claw Baxter X jabs forward, then kicks and uses Slash Claw. This was obtained by Slash Man.
A ↑ Electric Spark Baxter X shoots upwards a small yet powerful electric projectile upwards. This was obtained by Spark Mandrill.
A ←→ Speed Burner Baxter X shoots out each side he's facing a pair of intertwined fireballs that travel in a straight path. This was obtained by Flame Stag.
A ↓ Slide Works the same as Mega Man's
X Tornado Fang Baxter X thrusts his Arm cannon or X buster forward with a drill coming out of it making multiple hits and it has long ending lag. This was obtained by Tunnel Rhino.
X (Holding Down) Flame Slice One of Baxter X's main moves, he gets out a Flame influenced sword and slams it down hard making a wave of earthquakes of which direction he is at, it can also create fire pillars at the opponent.
Y,A Twin Slasher Baxter X spins in a arc with a pair of two purple energy crescents around him. This was obtained by Slash Beast.
Y,A,↑ Rising Fire Baxter X raises his arm in the air and shoots a fireball upwards. Because the fireball that is shot out only goes straight up, this weapon has very limited horizontal range. This was obtained by Magma Dragoon.
Y,A,→ Tri-Thunder Baxter X shoots three electric projectiles in the air that can stun the opponent. This was obtained by Squid Alder.
Y,A,↓ C-Shot Baxter X shoots 3 projectiles downwards while being sent upwards. This was obtained by Slash Beast.
Y,A,← Magma Blade Baxter X thrusts the blade backwards at his opponents. This was obtained by Blaze Heatnix.
Y,X Spike Flame Another Signature move by Baxter X, Baxter X thrusts his flame sword downwards fast, if it hits an opponent while they're airborne he'll bounce off from them.
ZR Grabbing Baxter X uses a spear to grab his opponents
ZR, A Circle Blaze Baxter X shoots a flame that explodes after a short time at the opponent. This was obtained by Flame Hyenard.
ZR, X Melt Creeper Baxter X sends a wave of flames on the ground that destroy most enemies. This was obtained by Burn Rooster.
ZR, Y Drift Diamond Baxter X throws his opponent upwards and shoots out a 45 degree snowflake blast upwards freezing the opponent. This was obtained by Avalanche Yeti.
ZR, B Shadow Runner Baxter X powerfully shoves the opponent infront of him and runs at fast speed through them creating black smoke around them, the opponent is paralyzed at this state. This was obtained by Dark Mantis.
ZL Shrunken X Same as Baxter Ewers' Transformation Time.
L Flame Block Baxter X uses one of his signature moves, The Flame block which is a Fire shield that covers all around him.
B Flame Buster Baxter X shoots out spammable balls of flames, if charged up fully he can shoot out a full charge shot. This is a signature move he uses all the time.
B ←→ Quithdrawl Baxter X dashes at full flaming speed with his flame sword thrusted forward.
B ↑ Flame Missle Baxter X shoots down a Missle while getting launched up high, If pressed again he shoots out another one at the opponent. One of his signature moves.
B ↓ Copy Grab Baxter X will copy a certain projectile coming at him
B Hyper X Baxter X's armor transforms into a more aggressive armor and it makes him taller and most of his attacks are more faster and stronger.


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  • Taunt

Alternate CostumesEdit


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