Availability Starter
Level 3 Smash Magma Storm
 Baxstar was confirmed playable on the same day Desi, Baxter, Snowy, Acus and Batista were confirmed. She fights with Fire and Grass related attacks



She is a fighter with Fire and Grass related moves, therefore she has kinds of weaknesses but this dosen't make her a weak fighter, she is great in combat and in MMA fighting arts

Basic AttacksEdit

  • A Button Punching or Kicking
  • A Button Dashing: Dash Grab
  • X Button: Charge Up Attacks
  • X Button Dashing: Dash Attacks
  • B Button: Projectiles
  • B Button Sides: Throwing the Opponent/Irish Whipping
  • B Button/X Button: Irish Whip but hold then attack
  • B Button/A Button: Irish Whip but hold then Grapple
  • Y Button: Jumping/Floating
  • Y Button,Y Button: Double Jumping
  • Y Button, A Button: Normal Ariel Attack
  • LB Button: Grab
  • LB Button,A Button: Neutral Attack
  • LB Button,B Button: Projectile Attack
  • LB Button,X Button: Hard Attack
  • LB Button,Y Button: Send them Flying Attack
  • RB Button: Special Ability
  • LT Button: Shield
  • RT Button: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Smash Attacks

Baxstar's MovesetEdit

  • A Button: Low Kick
  • A Button,A Button: Low Kick
  • A Button,A Button,A Button: Spin Kick
  • A Button Dashing: Baxstar grabs and does a Headscissor take down
  • X Button: Grass Tornado Kick
  • X Button Dashing: Sliding, press X Button again if you're underneath a opponent to kick up hurting there privates
  • B Button: Fire Orb
  • B Button Sides: Irish Whips an Opponent
  • B Button/X Button: Irish Whips then holds then does a Headbutt
  • B Button/A Button: Irish Whips then does a Grass Throat Cut through there Throat
  • Y Button, A Button: Baxstar Spin
  • LB Button: Baxstar grabs with one hand
  • LB Button,A Button: Baxstar Knees them in the gut and throws them forward
  • LB Button,B Button: Baxstar headbutts them in the nose then gets out a Fire Orb and Throws it in there face, They are burned at this point and slowly take damage
  • LB Button,X Button: Baxstar pushes them back and does many kicks to them
  • LB Button,Y Button: Baxstar does a Flip kick with a Fire Effect on it
  • RB Button: Grows to giant size, Her moves become stronger and she can stomp down on opponents if she walks on one
  • LT Button: Baxstar uses grass shield around herself
  • RT Button Level 1 Smash: Grass and Fire Slash, Baxstar burns up a Leaf and uses it to slash her opponents.
  • RT Button Level 2 Smash: Grass Shot, Baxstar shoots a swarm of Leafs at her Opponents
  • RT Button Level 3 Smash: Magma Storm, Simiar to Lucario's Final Smash in SSBB, Baxstar jumps up high and shoots down a Strong Fire Blast down the ground, you can move it around on opponents


  • Baxstar can actually sit on her opponents if you do a secret move correctly all you have to do is be in her Giant Form, then jump by Y Button and press A Button while in the air to land down on a Sit.

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