The 11 Drunk Teenagers (11ドランクハネムーン, 11 Yopparai Hanemūn) are a group of guys who are known for there drunken hilarity. The Main one Baxter Ewers stars in this one with 11 different friends he has while Desi and him don't role-pay with each other when desi is busy on games and work. The series is based off of Pwnagemcgee's 11 Drunk Guys that live in Canada. They play games such as Amnesia, Slender, Alien Isolation, Five Night's at Freddy's, SCP, Outlast and other games on PC. They also did behind the scenes 3 times, The one where they did the cake smashing and cooking and all that was when they were getting ready to see how baxter did in "Pokémon The Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction".


  • Baxter Ewers as Alex (Axel)
  • Eric Bourne as Matty
  • Chris Shelton as Connor
  • Nicholas Deaner as Robin
  • Trevor Childress as Luke
  • Bailey Rice as Nick
  • Jon Wilgus as Tyler
  • Brandon Cooper as Alec
  • Mitchell Bower as Alex #2
  • Christian Rice as Boychuk
  • Robert Marett as Stuart



Behind the ScenesEdit

  • 11 Drunk Teenagers Behind the Scenes before Diancie and the cocoon of destruction-305:24

    11 Drunk Teenagers Behind the Scenes before Diancie and the cocoon of destruction-3

    Us messing around before the world premire of our movie :D


  • Baxter Ewers and Robert Marett only have facebook.

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